Impact Report 2022

For us, social innovation means care.

For us, urban regeneration means social cohesion, trust and relationship building.

Therefore we believe that an organization must be carefully designed, its spaces must be inclusive, generative, creative and stimulating. We focus on relationships because they are at the center of our value creation model, and we rethink the organization of work so that it is an opportunity for meeting and exchange, learning and innovation, dignity and opportunities for people.

We believe in the value of collaboration between the public, the private, the third sector and the civil society. We believe that in order to continue on this path we need transparency and accountability.

The path walked so far has been possible thanks to the vision and the bonds that unite us, within our organization and with the dense network of subjects that make Le Serre and Kilowatt a living organism, with a beating heart. The consolidation of this approach requires moments of internal discussion and reflection to reinforce a common vision and shared objectives. These are cohesive moments that strengthen the work group, both generative and creative since they enrich the organization with everyone’s contribution.

This is why we publish an impact report every year, as a tool to reflect on the challenges we have tried to grasp and the results achieved, the traveling companions, the lessons learned, the impact generated. The impact report is, first of all, a strategic tool for internal and external alignment. We support those who want to adopt it in their organization but only after we have been able to test it on ourselves.

This report is a notch on the wall that reminds us that growing up is nice and that growing up together with our community is even better!

Browse the 2022 Annual Report below or download the pdf of the full version.